Security Consulting and Digital Forensics

Alias Forensics is headquartered out of Oklahoma City and covers additional cities including Tulsa, Dallas and Kansas City. AF is an industry leader when it comes to Penetration Testing, Incident Response, PCI, IT Audits and Digital Forensics. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience and is endorsed by many financial, governmental and large association groups.
“In a world where the growth of businesses rely heavily on the protection of cyber-security, we were created to act as defenders from those that unlawfully wreak havoc on infrastructures. We exist so that companies can continue to grow organically and thrive without interruption. Our vision is to spread security awareness while providing superior services and resolutions that clients are impressed with, employees are proud of, and other security experts are inspired by.” Alias Forensics

Security Consulting

Our Security Consulting agents located in Oklahoma City, Dallas and Kansas City understand the current threats that can cause an organization to cease daily business activities and bring revenue to a halt. Let our Security Engineers and Incident Response Analysts assist your company in protecting your data today! By using known hacking techniques, Alias Forensics can not only protect a company from known threats, but find out how an attack happened, stop the activity, and report any data leakage.

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Network Monitoring

If you are in need of a system that not only notifies you of a network attack but blocks it. Then you should discover our two different in-house monitoring solutions. BlackBox - our state of the art SNORT powered IDS/IPS system stops malware and hackers in their tracks. SIEM ARC - an ELK stack SIEM tool that can process 16 million logs in just 10 seconds! So you not only have the fastest coloration at your fingers tips but can find suspicious activity in no time! .

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Digital Forensics

Alias Forensics located in Oklahoma City, Dallas and Kansas City has extensive knowledge in performing Digital, Computer, and Mobile Data Forensics, and has the experience needed to introduce digital findings into court proceedings. Let Alias Forensics provide assistance when recovering deleted email, deleted text messages, Google search terms, user activity, and more!

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Data Recovery

Alias Forensics located in Oklahoma City has one of the best Data Recovery facilities in the area. If you have a crashed mobile phone, hard drive, computer or DVR System we can help! Not only can we recover the data, but collect the data in a forensically sound manner, to ensure no manipulation of data has occurred. Call OKC Forensics Company Alias Forensics For More Information.

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