Features in Detail

Monitoring your network traffic for malicious activity, classifying the threat level of the activity, logging information about the activity, and attempt to block/stop it.

Monitoring all files transmitted via the network for viruses, and blocking them from before they can reach their destination.

Full remote management with no on-site configuration allows your company to ensure that security systems are not bypassed by an internal user, and that all configuration changes are approved.

Blocking known Malware and Virus repositories, infected websites, and botnet command and control centers. Also blocking traffic to areas/countries that your business does not transact with.

Scanning encrypted web traffic for Viruses, Malware, potential exfiltration techniques as well the data inside the traffic.

Updating Virus and Malware signatures in realtime as they are created, as well as updating software processes as needed without downtime.

Disabling specific user-defined applications from accessing your network. Applications such as BitTorrent, Skype, Pandora, and others can be blocked to increase productivity and decrease bandwidth usage.

Helps your business meet the standards required to achieve FFIEC, PCI and HIPAA compliance.
Night and Day access to technical assistance to increase uptime.
The ability for the BlackBox to continue to pass network traffic (unprotected) in case of complete hardware failure to increase uptime.
The BlackBox’s ability to handle network devices such as computers, servers, and wireless devices.

Full-time, hands-on security auditing by a human, without the traditional costs associated with a Security Team.

Inspecting log files for abnormalities (Command and Control), as well as listening for alerts that indicate action is required immediately.

Investigating the exact nature of, and crafting the correct response to a security incident such as a data breach.
Implementing the steps and processes required to ensure that a security incident does not reoccur in the future.

Monitoring all files transmitted via the network for known malware, and blocking it before payload (virus) can be downloaded.

Controlling the internet viewing habits of employees by limiting access to user-defined categories such as Gambling, Shopping, Gaming, Pornography, etc.

Per-User logging and blocking based on the user’s Windows Domain Active Directory account.

Securely storing your BlackBox configuration files offsite in case of hardware failure to decrease recovery times.

The BlackBox’s capacity to store full network logs.
Complete, secure, offsite backup of all logged data for as long as you have BlackBox services.
The BlackBox’s ability to process network traffic, at maximum capacity.