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Computer Forensics

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Alias Forensics commonly provides computer forensics services to government agencies, law firms and corporations. Computer forensics entails the establishing of a chain of custody of the digital data. Once the data is secured by one of our certified digital examiners they begin to analyze the data. During a typical computer forensic analysis Alias Forensics recovers deleted data, runs dirty word list against the created index from the hard drive, and produces information for the government agency, law firm, or corporation to review. From these forensically sound processes Alias Forensics is able to ensure that no data was tampered with during the investigation. By Alias Forensics providing a forensically sound process your team can be confident that the truth has been found.

Mobile Forensics

Alias Forensics prides themselves as a leader in the mobile forensics field. We assist many different customers with mobile devices like; civilians (cheating spouse), government agencies, law firms, and corporations. All of our collections are performed in a forensically sound manner in preparation to a potential lawsuit. One of the most common requests is to recover delete data from a mobile device. Yes, we can recover deleted data from most mobile devices. Alias Forensics can assist in the creation of a time line for a mobile device when a particular action occurred. Let us help educate you on how the mobile device operates so you can be better understanding of the facts in your case.

Forensic Device Imaging

Forensic device imaging is an important step to ensure that the preservation of the device data has occurred. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what digital information needs to be preserved. Using this service will help in avoiding possible sanctions or fines issued by the court. Example: Flash Drive, Mobile Device, Hard Drive, DVD, CD.

Data Recovery
Data recovery is a service we provide for our "my important document was deleted by accident!" clients. At Alias Forensics, no job is too small or too great. If recovery of your data is not possible a minimal research fee is invoiced to the client.