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Electronic Discovery

  Technical Resources:

Does your corporation know how to react to discovery request?

Is your corporation or law firm familiar with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure?

Is your corporation or law firm familiar with digital preservation and collection techniques?

Does your corporation or law firm understand the importance of the Physical and Digital Chain of Custody?


Alias Forensics has a certified team of highly knowledgeable e-discovery experts that will guide you in the steps that are necessary when fulfilling a courts request. Let Alias Forensics guide you through all the common pit falls of the Rules ofEvidence. Let our e-discovery experts assist you with the preservation of your data to ensure the courts cannot throw out your evidence. Let us educate your corporation or law firm on the subject of Electronic Stored Information (ESI) preservation techniques. We implement the industry standard use of the EDRM model in order to deliver a top tier approach for electronic discovery (e-Discovery).

This model includes all steps from Identification, Collection, Preservation, Processing, Review, Analysis, Production and Presentation for court. Our staff will not only assist you but potentially save you thousands on possible sanctions that could be handed down from the courts.