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Expert Witness

  Technical Resources:

When searching for an expert witness it is important to choose a company that is familiar with the cross-examination process and can testify with confidence. Alias Forensics has assisted numerous law firms when it comes to testifying as an expert witness. We understand how important it is to communicate computer technology terms to the jury in the courtroom. Alias Forensics understands the importance of your case and how pivotal the delivery of an expert witnesses testimony can be. By choosing Alias Forensics, as your expert witness consult, law firms will have more time to focus on the law suit and not worry about your expert witness being tripped up by opposing counsels cross examination.

Trial Consultation

Digital Forensics

Is your law firm ready to depose an individual that is performing a forensic collection? Where do you start? How do you approach the person you are cross-examining? Alias Forensics has been able to guide multiple attorneys through this confusing process. At Alias Forensics we will educate law firms on the processes that should be followed during a forensic examination and how the data should be presented to the court.

Digital Technology

As technology continues to grow it is difficult to keep up with all the different processes a digital device takes in order to complete a job. That is why it is a must to reach out to a company that understands technology and how it operates. Let Alias Forensics assist your law firm when any digital data is involved in your lawsuit. By allowing our staff to educate your attorneys on the digital device you can be assured that you are not missing any details that could change the outcome of the case. Do not allow a digital device to determine how your attorney approaches the case. Allow the knowledge you have gained from our staff determine how your attorney approaches the case.