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Penetration Testing Services - By providing a triple action approach of a vulnerability assessment, egress/ingress soft attacks and social engineering Alias Forensics will provide bleeding edge technology in order to test your environment against the most sophisticated attacks. After penetration testing is complete, Alias Forensics will provide your corporation with a comprehensive report that will detail potential breach points that need to be addressed and work with your security team in order to remediate any findings.

Incident Response Emergency (IRE) – Alias Forensics has one of the best Incident Response Teams (AFIR) in the nation. If your environment is currently being DDoS or having a Malware Outbreak you need to call someone who knows how to stop the event and prevent further damage from occurring. Alias Forensics can further assist in the collecting of forensic data from the incident, engage the proper authorities and bring the attacker to justice.

Incident Response Planning Program – It is important to have an Incident Response Plan already developed and tested before an event occurs. Alias Forensics provides incident response planning services for any and all corporate environments. This is a step-by-step program that allows Alias Forensics and the client to work side by side in creating the “best practices” approach of notification, classification and remediation during an incident.

Security Consulting Program – No company can have a secure environment that is not vetted through multiple security checks. It is important to have Alias Forensics perform a Corporate Security Check, via the Security Consulting Program, by having an experienced and unbiased prospective determine what is a security risk inside your corporate environment. Through this process your company will be able to identify any security risks that are currently active in your environment, while having a 3rd party assist with any remediation requests.