Security Consulting

Businesses today are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to protecting their data from cyber attacks. Hackers are working everyday to ensure the newest scam is even more successful then the last via Trojan virus, malware, email phishing techniques, DDoS, brute-force attacks and the ever present vulnerable server. That is why it is important to have a security consulting team that shares the same passion, as the hackers do, when it comes to knowing the latest vulnerabilities and hacking techniques. Alias Forensics currently provides Dallas, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Phoenix and Denver with real world experience and a better service when it comes to penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, incident response and security consulting services. By allowing our security team to be your security expert, will give you more time to focus on your business and not worry about the safety of your data.

Penetration Testing


Social Engineering and Intelligence: Knowing your domain, email address, secret questions, past employment, help desk procedures, company hierarchy and financial approvers.


Scanning and Vulnerabilities: Knowing what your network architecture is, what it responds too, what solutions are installed and find the vulnerability to send you the payload.


Exposed and Remediate:
After the vulnerability has been exposed, is it important so show, explain and educate on how the incident occurred, then how to avoid in the future.

Incident Response


Emergency Incident Response

If you are in need of a truly tested incident response team when it comes to finding a hacker, tracking down malicious activity, stopping a DDoS, or performing timeline analysis on a data breach do not hesitate any longer, as critical data is currently being destroyed.
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Incident Response Planning

It is important that a business knows what to do during a data breach. By signing up for our Incident Response Planning service you will not only have the appropriate documentation to follow during a data breach but get hands on experience, led by our certified Incident Response analysts.


Vulnerability Assessment

Around 80% of all companies, in the US, have been compromised in some manner over the past few years. That it is why a Vulnerability Assessment is important as businesses are commonly unaware, or do not have the technical skills, to know they are currently hacked, compromised, had data exfiltrated, or a command and control is talking to cyber attackers.

Security Services

Security Consultant Services, offered by Alias Forensics, spans across many different security products platforms. Our team has the experience in configuring, supporting and monitoring multiple types of security layering products to better serve our clients. Whether your company is in need of a full-time security support role or just an hourly rate, Alias Forensics has and is accommodating for both needs to better serve our clients.

Security Consultant

Our Security Consultants have experience installing, configuring, supporting and troubleshooting: Palo Alto, Cisco ASA, TripWire, BlackBox, Carbon Black+Bit9, Cisco FireAmp/Firepower, McAfee HIPS, QRadar, LogRhythm, Splunk, Symantec Enterprise, MalwareBytes Enterprise, Metasploit and Rapid7 on a short list.

Incident Response & Protection

In order to keep your environment safe you must take the security layering approach when it comes to network security. A good start is to have a Incident Response Plan, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System (BlackBox), Email Virus Scanner, Host-base Intrusion Prevention System - HIPS, Anti-Virus / Malware Scanner on the desktop and good data audit environment. Alias Forensics is currently in the following markets Dallas, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Phoenix and Denver

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